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  • Jennifer Preston Chushcoff


Now that my book, WA is Water is finished, I’ve returned to the workshop to make messes. Here are a few experiments in resin/acrylic and acrylic/pouring medium. 

I lean towards the resin pieces. All of the paintings have interesting complexity, but the resin has more depth and looks ‘finished.’ I’ve tried different types of color: acrylic (firm, soft and liquid), ink, alcohol ink, metallic powder/ink, and medium additives: Golden, PVA glue, water, silicone, resin. Tilting, shaking and tapping the canvas all create different patterns. I like to coax it by drawing tools and fingers through it, too.

Speaking of canvas, I’ve tried different substrates: canvas panel, canvas, acrylic blocks and cradled wood panel. My favorite so far are the teeny tiny canvas’ and the cradled wood panel. The paint is applied so heavily and it has so much moisture, the panels tend to warp. The good news is that they flatten out quite a bit after they dry. Still, cradled wood, though the most expensive, is the way to go. The 1″ thick acrylic blocks are quite interesting since you can see the work from the back and they do not need mounting.


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