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  • Jennifer Preston Chushcoff

Cat's Out of the Bag!

Miss Lily has arrived.

It's been a year of collaborating and creating with my fabulous illustrator and friend, Irene Silvino. We met through the author platform Reedsy, which helps connect indie authors/ publishers with illustrators and designers.

Between family crises, travel, the plague and more, we successfully worked back and forth with Irene in her London studio and me at home in Gig Harbor. It was an incredible experience and I'll post more details about it soon.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to Miss Lily's Wobbilty Bobbilty House. Miss Lily is a kind-hearted human that loves rescuing stray cats and collecting treasures, but her house is about to burst! Can there be too much of a good thing? Let's find out!

The picture book has been years in the making - and mulling. I knew it would take someone special to bring the main character to life, the house and all those kitties!

The story was inspired by several people I know, including myself. I struggle with collecting - just about everything. From natural elements on nature walks that I intend to use in art projects (I should share photos - lol), to "perfectly good" items set by dumpsters that need to be rescued and just given a good scrub. And I *know* as soon as I throw that "thingamabob" away, which I have no idea what it is, I'll need it.

This compulsion is at odds with my "tidying tendencies." So I now have a strict policy of "one thing in - one thing out" if I bring a new item home. (I *mostly* stick to it.) These past years I have done a lot of paring down. It feels good; it's liberating. And it's helped me see what very little I need to be comfortable.

The story was further inspired by all the folks who dedicate their time, attention and money to animal welfare. Bless these organizations and the people behind them! We share the same heart. After watching a YouTube video about the Brooklyn Cat Cafe, I knew how my story would end.

I'll be donating part of the books' proceeds to animal welfare organizations. Each month I'll pick a different non-profit. The idea of being able to give fills me up.

So, without further ado- here's the extra fun bit. There's a prize drawing for a basketful of local goodies from Teaching Toys and Books, Lucky Dog and more. It includes a signed copy of Miss Lily's Wobbilty Bobbilty House (hardcover), a custom puzzle, stationary, activities/crafts and even 'Toot' the Kitten' from Teaching Toys and Books in Gig Harbor.

Enter to win here, at via the drop down menu when you first jump on the site. Share/repost on social media with #Tootpoot and get entered twice!

Random drawing to be held June 30th. USA addresses only, please.

Until then, hugs and hisses,



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