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Queen of Halloween

A new addition to the macabre, darkly humorous storytelling traditions of Edward Gorey, Brothers Grimm, Roald Dahl and Shel Silverstein

Halloween isn’t just on Halloween,

if you know what I mean.


Come closer, my Pretty …


Presenting The Fairy Gothmother: A Collection of Cautionary Tales, a spooky collection of stories, poems, and games in over 100 full color pages to haunt and delight the brave and curious.


Learn to play The Halloween Hunt, make a Bad Dream Box to banish nightmares, or snuggle under the covers and read what happens to unlucky children in Little Lucy Poppletred and Late Bloomers.


Hear the creaking door of a haunted house? She’s inviting you inside.


Come in. If. You. Dare...

Ages 8-12 and mature adults.

 Available in hardcover and paperback editions.


This collection of eerily exciting stories, wickedly wonderful poems and devilishly delightful games and activities is a winner. Readers young and old who like a little tingle running up and down their spines will relish the beasts, boogeys, naughty children and adventurous activities that the Fairy Gothmother herself shares in this gem of a book . . ." Click for more

"If the Brothers Grimm had a sister, it would be Jenn."

Marcia Crews, Author of Three Bears of the Pacific Northwest and former children's librarian. Click for more

Fairy Gothmother reading scary book.jpg

Also included in the book, instructions on how to play -The Halloween Hunt™
A Fun Mashup of Tag, Hide and Seek and Treasure Hunt! Sneak peek video below . . . 

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