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exploring the intersection of art and ecology

Jennifer is focused on environmental themes with an emphasis on the Cascadia Bioregion and the complex relationship between the mind and body. Her visual art appears from the west coast to abroad in dozens of exhibitions, site-specific installations and private collections.

Preston is passionate about revealing hidden connections within the natural world, notions of identity, consumption and our private, inner lives.


She is driven to explore new territory by combining literature, multi-media, installations and photography. The projects she develops are well-researched, taking inspiration from fields such as, history, geology, astronomy and biology. The unique way in which she connects disciplines has been described as “genre-defying.”


Joining these subjects has culminated in many collaborations, from working with other visual artists to creating videos for cable television to writing award-winning books. She loves weaving visual art and the written word in innovative ways to engage the public, especially in public art installations.

Preston has exhibited in over 40 galleries and museums, with many pieces in private and municipal collections and archives. Her work has been selected for public art exhibitions and for site-specific installations.

Born in Los Angeles, Jennifer Preston currently lives and works in the Pacific Northwest. The environment is a continuous source of  inspiration and her focus for the past 20 years.

For private and public commissioned artwork, or for information about currently available work, email

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