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Her exploration of water in our state is a visual, scientific, and spiritual journey through native ecosystems large and small.  

- Traci Kelly, Tacoma Arts Commissioner

WA IS WATER 7 cover.jpg

Explore Washington State in poems, photos and facts with award-winning poet and photographer Jennifer Preston Chushcoff as she journeys through Washington's foggy forests, waterfalls, cranberry bogs and nature preserves to gather 48 poems, 103 full-color photos and hundreds of interesting water-related facts about the wet and wild state. 


Jennifer took two years to explore all four corners and seasons of the Evergreen State. She returned with nature poems that reveal the intricate connection of water to our past, present and future. 


WA is Water was awarded a TAIP Grant by the Tacoma Arts Commission.

The poet’s artistry in the use of language, meter, and formatting create a poignant collection.  - DL Fowler, author of The Turn

The dreamlike quality of the combination of poetry and amazing photography makes you turn page after page while reliving similar experiences. Interwoven are mind-blowing facts about Washington State’s nature and agriculture. - Susanne Bacon, author of Home from Home

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