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Don't be a brand. Be you.

Jenn's work highlights ecological issues with visual stories that educate and activate. Through using graphic design, digital platforms and print on demand, she creates work with zero waste. The designs are provocative and irreverent, both cautionary tales and messages of hope. Connecting her skills with Earth advocacy allows her to offer fresh perspectives and share her passion for protecting our planet and people. 

Children's Book Author Jennifer Preston Chushcoff

"I respect Jennifer's courage to take risks as a business owner and creative each and every day! Her work is brilliant - yes - but it is this magnificent human who makes it come alive for all of us!"  Regina Carey, Carey On President

Jenn's visual art has been exhibited from the west coast to London in dozens of galleries, site-specific installations and public collections. She is excited to add to her experience curating public art projects, bringing artists and community together in meaningful ways. 

Her writing spans many genres, from children's picture books to lifestyle articles to collections of ecological poetry. She is a hybrid author with both traditionally-published and independently created work, experienced at creating and designing books from start to finish, acting as editor, art director and publisher.

"Her comfort not only with the written word but as a public speaker guarantees that whatever content is being presented, will be so with the utmost excellence." Jackie Fender, Creative Colloquy, Founder and Director


Jenn graduated with a B.A. in Art History from UC Berkeley. She takes courses in creative writing and attends professional conferences as an active participant in SCBWI WWA. In 2005, she became a certified Washington State University Master Gardener.​



Jenn’s writing experience includes fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Her writing has appeared on television, in art galleries, anthologies, magazines, letterpress print and in her award-winning books, Snowflakes, Easter Numbers and WA is Water. There's nothing that pleases her more than connecting with readers and writers through story.


Jenn is a painter, photographer and digital designer. She's completed large art installations for municipal buildings, window displays and pop-up art shows. Her work sells as fine art and in commercial and editorial markets. Her paintings and prints are in private collections and have been featured in galleries and art exhibits. Her commercial work appears in magazines, calendars, maps, brochures, and websites. Fine art prints are available for sale online.

​"The natural world and scientific discovery are a constant source of inspiration and wonder. These interests naturally led me to investigating the mind and body connection. My work explores this webbed interrelationship and the implications of a dysfunctional network, illustrated by stress-induced health issues to pharmacological proliferation to water pollution. ​ ​Working as a curator for art exhibitions allows me to showcase regional, Pacific Northwest artists. In these difficult times, creating virtual exhibitions and forums help keep the conversation going. My grandfather was a self-taught engineer, held multiple patents and worked for NASA designing satellites and moon rover vehicles. When I was a child, he'd invite me to sit as his drafting table and use his special instruments to draw. Perhaps, this is why space exploration fascinates me and part of why I love combining art and science. I was also born with a Halloween heart and write fun, spooky stories for kids by my alter ego, The Fairy Gothmother. She invented the Halloween Hunt, which is a crazy mashup of the games: Tag, Hide and Seek and Treasure Hunt played in costume. Regardless of theme, I'm excited to act as a conduit to collaboration by creating spaces for expression and thought-provoking discussion. This next year I look forward to working as an ecological consultant for architects and city project planners helping develop integrated sustainable and humane design."

Jennifer Preston Chushcoff photographer, Nisqually Wildlife Refuge
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