Children's Book Author Jennifer Preston Chushcoff


I find inspiration everywhere, especially in nature, scientific research and space exploration. When I'm not out frolicking in the woods and water, I'm in my workshop creating things, or at my laptop making up stories and poetry.


The odd and unusual always catch my eye, possibly because I was born with a Halloween heart. My fun, spooky stories for kids are written by my alter ego, The Fairy Gothmother. She invented the Halloween Hunt to scare children and eat candy. If you'd like to learn more about The Halloween Hunt, click here.


The Fairy Gothmother also designs a line of home decor and clothing with a gothic vibe and twisted sense of humor. Her goods are available for sale online, click here.

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Jenn’s writing experience includes fiction, nonfiction and poetry. Her writing has appeared on television, in art galleries, anthologies, magazines, a letterpress print and in her award-winning books, Snowflakes, Easter Numbers and WA is Water.


There's nothing that pleases her more than connecting with readers and writers through story.


Jenn graduated with a B.A. in Art History from UC Berkeley. She takes courses in creative writing and attends professional conferences as an active participant in SCBWI WWA.


In 2005, she became a certified Washington State University Master Gardener.​

Jennifer Preston Chushcoff photographer, Nisqually Wildlife Refuge


Jenn is a painter, photographer and digital designer. She's completed art installations in large buildings, window displays and pop-up art shows.


Her work sells as both fine art, and in commercial and editorial markets. Her paintings and prints are in private collections and have been featured in galleries and art exhibits. Fine art prints are available for sale online. Her commercial work appears in magazines, calendars, maps, brochures, and websites. 


Working as a curator for art exhibitions allows her to showcase regional, Pacific Northwest artists. In these difficult times, creating virtual art exhibitions and forums has helped keep the conversation going.


Besides being inspired by nature and scientific discovery, she enjoys investigating the mind and body connection in her work. 


Regardless of theme, she is always excited to act as a conduit to collaboration. By creating a safe place for expression and discussion, Jenn fosters community connection. 

Commissions and Coffee

Many people are surprised to learn that even after being awarded book projects, city grants and public art proposals, artists and writers rarely earn enough to support themselves. Instead, they rely on additional income. It's my goal to be a full-time creative without this worry. If you believe in what I do and would like to see me keep doing it, please consider hiring me for a commission. Or buy a cup of coffee. Your support encourages me to stay at it! ~ Thank you, Jenn

For more info about commissioning a poetry print, visit Ko-fi.