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  • Jennifer Preston Chushcoff


Ghost Girls

You quietly do so things get done. But, there is no victory parade for having and holding, for bearing babies for eating while feeding, for sleepless nights and keeping watch.

You hold fast, do not shatter apart too often. Unsinkable in the muck of everyday. Breaking apart, little by little you put yourself together again each morning. Waiting for no one to save you.

To the invisible hands that prepare, nurture, direct-

I see you.

To the invisible hearts that love, sacrifice, yearn-

I see you.

A refrain circles inside your body, a quiet whisper passes between your lips, an exhalation of hope, to be known, to be seen.

Ghost girls – I see you.

No ribbons to wear, or tie on trees. No medals to pin to your breast. No month, or color-coded symbol to remind us of your quiet efforts and daily salvation of the human race.

I see you.

Ghost boys.

I see you, too.

I see you. 


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