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Hello there, I make books and art that promote wellbeing through innovative design and discourse. Sharing ideas that make our world and bodies healthier and whole is what motivates me each and every day. Whether I'm putting together a picture book from start to finish, installing public artwork, or writing an eco-article, my driving passion is helping secure peace and wellness for our planet and people. I synthesize art and science to create high-impact, compelling content. I work with industries, professionals and non-profits to draw attention to ecological subjects in innovative formats. Complex topics are distilled into eye-catching visuals that stay with an audience long after the presentation.  This multi-media, interdisciplinary approach allows me to share stories that entertain, educate and drive positive action, helping to enact healthy social change. Thank you for stopping by, Jenn

A Natural Girl_edited.png

"Whimsical, silly, awe-inspiring and informative - whatever the occasion calls for, she manages to craft something compelling."

Your art is truly amazing and touched the hearts of our audience. As the opening for our program, your video was moving and perfectly set the tone for an inspiring and motivational event.

Washington Conservation Voters

I'm passionate about making original work that inspires reflection and play. My eco-advocacy videos have opened conservation conferences and lectures.

As an award-winning poet and artist, I understand the power of image, word and sound working seamlessly together. By creating impactful videos and graphic designs, I help engage audiences with lasting, visceral messages. 


Use the Contact Form to connect or for more info on commissioning custom-made art for personal projects, the hospitality industry, interior design or for corporate and city collections. I love discussing client needs and crafting a vision for public art projects.

For more info about what I can do for you, contact me today to discuss collaboration.

Selected Clients

  • 253 Magazine

  • ​Brown Trout Press Calendars

  • Gig Harbor Now

  • La Conner, WA

  • Living Local Magazine

  • Metro Parks Tacoma

  • Museum of Glass Shop

  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

  • Pacific Northwest Magazine

  • Pierce County Master Gardeners

  • Portland Monthly Magazine

  • Sweet Themes Bakery

  • Tacoma, WA

  • ​Urban Garden Company

  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife​

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