Jennifer Preston Chushcoff

Artist. Author. Eco-Advocate.

Jennifer is an award-winning author, poet and artist focused on environmental themes with an emphasis on the Cascadia bioregion, and on the complex relationship between the mind and body.

Famous works of art, vintage illustrations and original imaginings are brought to life with animation and sound. Using multiple techniques and programs, Jennifer's Eco-Art highlights ecological concerns, while Moving Meditations relax and engage the mind. Her crypto-art animations are available as NFTs on OpenSea.

"Sharing my passion for our planet and the people on it motivates me every day to work hard at connecting and distilling ideas that help make our world and bodies healthier and whole." - Jenn

Born in Southern California and educated at UC Berkeley, Jennifer now lives in Washington where she regularly frolics in the woods and water discovering her lost childhood. MORE

Use the Contact Form to connect or for more info on commissioning custom-made art for personal projects, the hospitality industry, interior design or for corporate and city collections. She is always delighted to discuss client needs and collaborate on crafting a vision for public art projects.

Fairy Gothmother goods based on her children's book character are available at THE HALLOWEEN HOME.

Jenn and her matsutake mushroom
Walking the wetlands
Exploring the desert
Flow - Public Art Project
"Squatty Jenny"
Awake to the sublime
The Swerve
My favorite gym
Little Free Library commission