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  • Jennifer Preston Chushcoff


The endless ocean isn’t endless and the little deaths all add up. Sometimes we find the sweet spot, but we’re not allowed to  linger. Sometimes the  poet leads us there. We wake and break  the seal, gathering treasure, sand through our fingers. The question isn’t, ‘why have some gone mad?’ but ‘why  do so many stay  sane?’ It’s the stories  we share. And the  meds. Definitely the meds.

(The August Poetry Postcard Project was initiated by Paul Nelson of Seattle, WA. It challenges poets to write a poem a day in one go with no revisions on a postcard. Afterwards, the postcard is mailed to other participants. This is my second year and I had fun making friends along the way. I will be sharing the postcards here, most of which are printed with my photos.)


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