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  • Jennifer Preston Chushcoff


FLOW: Water Flume Line Trail Public Art Project for the City of Tacoma

The clouds refused to pour. Signarama’s installers were able to schedule. Flow is finally finished! 

This is the largest photo project that I’ve ever completed. I hope you like it! While there were challenges, it was a gratifying experience to join in the restoration of the Water Flume Line Trail in South Tacoma.

FLOW Press Release:

FLOW is a permanent public artwork created by Jennifer Preston Chushcoff and consists of five large, outdoor photographic panels on the South Tacoma Pumphouse located at 6222 South Clement Avenue. The work enhances the restored historic Water Flume Line Trail, which provided water to the early citizens of Tacoma. The entire project involves multiple locations with artists responding to elements developed by Clark Wiegman and funding provided by the City of Tacoma Office of Arts and Cultural Vitality.

Jennifer enlivened the pumphouse by enhancing the surrounding community and trail users’ experience. Her macro photographs of water energize its exterior by featuring five photographic “windows,” making the building appear to be a giant container of water about to overflow. This playfully contextualizes the space and reminds residents about the role of pumphouses as the machines they house go about their business providing water to thousands of citizens. The project also honors the 1930’s era Works Progress Administration building’s historical significance and original purpose. The blue-hued images connect with the trail’s other art installations to create a harmonious atmosphere.

Taking the design a step further, Jennifer composed the photos during the August 2017 solar eclipse to capture the unique, ethereal light. If you look closely, you can see the crescent shapes of the obscured sun reflected in droplets.

Though the original wooden trough has been replaced by new technology, the pumphouse still operates during periods of high demand. The 6 ½ mile trail beside the pumphouse connects South Tacoma to downtown and the waterfront, providing a greenway for pedestrians and bicyclists along the reclaimed space.

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