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Invited to Paint a Little Free Library for Tacoma's Eastside - now installed!

Updated: Jul 12


Jennifer Preston Chushcoff stands next to her 3D painting The Foghorn Blew, the Monster Answered A Portal to Ray Bradbury, on the corner of East F Street & Division Lane in Tacoma, WA.  Jennifer is a mixed-media artist, painter, and author of the IPPY award winning WA is Water, An Intimate Portrait and the Moonbeam award winning book Snowflakes: A Pop Up. You can also see her photography at the South Tacoma Pumphouse (a.k.a Tacoma Municipal Water Works Building at 6222 South Clement Avenue, Tacoma, WA), as part of the FLOW exhibit, helping beautify and revitalize the Flume Line Trail.  In addition to her nature writing and children’s books, her art has appeared in numerous galleries, installations, and shows. Jennifer’s boundless imagination  is an inspiration, and the celebration of local ecology is more aptly termed eco-ppreciation. Artists like Jenn demonstrate to us all that activism need not be angry. Jenn’s activism is one in which joy, humility, wonder, and an insatiable curiosity about the world are inextricably intertwined. Share her wonder and her wonderful imagination at http://byjenn.tumblr.com/. Read about Jenn’s work on FLOW at https://thesubtimes.com/2018/09/05/local-artist-celebrates-role-of-water-in-community-heritage/.

Thank you for the article and shoutout out! I love connecting visual and literary art. There were many helping hands taking part in bringing the Little Free Libraries to the Eastside. I’m always inspired by our community and passionate about engaging in hopeful discussions and solutions for helping our planet heal. This world is truly magical and one of a kind!



Preston Chushcoff

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