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  • Jennifer Preston Chushcoff


Spoiler Alert: If you’re coming over between now and Halloween, look away.

How to Make Dead Fairies with Dollar Tree Goodness:

Skeleton garland (Halloween aisle) Butterfly picks (Fake flower aisle) Halloween treat coffin (Halloween aisle) Glue gun Cheesecloth scraps

*Pluck the wings off the faux butterflies and cut skeletons from garland, including the little plastic ring on top of their head.

Using a glue gun, attach the wings to the skeleton spine. Use larger wings for larger skeletons.

You can arrange the legs and arms by carefully bending and gluing into position. It takes some practice. And I’ll warn you, I burned myself pretty good trying to get the arms to do what I wanted. You may need to twist them off and glue back into place.

Use the cheesecloth scraps for the fairy in the coffin and whatever else you’d like!

It was fun creating little ‘tableau vivants’ around the house with dead fairy drama. By the way, they fit perfectly inside the little coffins at the Dollar Tree. And don’t be sad about the funeral. It’s how dead fairies are born.

I’ll tell you about the trees inside my home in an upcoming post.


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