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  • Jennifer Preston Chushcoff

Love Pop Up Book?

I have a complicated relationship with Valentines Day, like, I don’t celebrate it. It just feels artificial and forced to me most of the time. But, I love love. And, sometimes Valentine’s Day gives us an opportunity to say things to our friends and family that might otherwise go unsaid. 

So, with that in mind, I came up with a poem that would be a fun pop-up giftbook. I mean, cutout hearts and lace and candy coming at you in 3-D?!? Who wouldn’t want that?


Besides the doily lace and hearts,

the chubby cherubs, classic art,

before bouquets, past candy mountains,

below the lucky water fountains, (Trevi)

beyond the giant chocolate boxes,

bunnies, birds and sweetheart foxes,

a precious offer, pure and rare,

no jewels or treasure will compare.

Can you guess my deepest wishes,

far beyond mere hugs and kisses? (X’s and O’s)

You hold a gift sincere and true,

this book as proof that “I love you.”


You hold a gift sincere and true,

the tender message, “I love you.” (last two-page spread, large pop up, “I love you”)

~ From your Valentine

Facts About Valentine’s Day


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