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The Bad Dream Box

The Fairy Gothmother feels a little bad that she has written so many spooky rhymes and stories. While she loves a good nightmare, she also realizes that not everyone feels the same.

To help little ones, and adults, sleep soundly, she created the Bad Dream Box.

Follow the instructions below to make your very own!

Kids - get your parent's permission first.

A small wooden or cardboard box with a lid
Animal Guardian
White Glue, like Elmers
Glow in the Dark Paint (optional)
Paints and Markers

1) Find a small cardboard or wooden box with a lid. (Michaels and other arts and crafts stores are a great place to begin your hunt. A shoe box works great, too!)

2) Decorate the box using paint / markers / stickers, whatever you want!

Glow in the Dark paint works well on clear and light-color plastic, like dragon wings.

3) Find your Guardian. I like the selection of dragons and critters at Michael's, but there's always little creatures around the house just waiting to be turned into something special. Glue the Guardian to the top of your box and let dry.

4) Write down the bad dreams that you don't want to have on a small piece of paper. Fold or roll it up and place it in the Bad Dream box you made. Place the box near your bed, like on a nightstand.

While I can't guarantee that you won't have nightmares by doing this, it certainly makes me feel better knowing that I have a Bad Dream Dragon guarding over my sleep! 


The BANISH BAD DREAMS Fairy Gothmother pillowcase also helps keep nightmares away and encourages good dreams with positive thinking! Did you know that just THINKING and BELIEVING that you won't have a bad dream can help?!

I want to see what you make! Post your videos and photos using #BadDreamBox for a chance to be featured on the Fairy Gothmother's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As always, get your parent's permission.

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